"What are you?"

Giancarlo was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Giovanni and Elisabeth Foster. His father was a stagehand and a carpenter from Naples, his mother an opera and nightclub singer from Alabama. He spent his early childhood in Italy, then moved to the States when he was 5. Giancarlo was a natural born performer: he debuted in a musical on Broadway when he was 8, and went back to acting in his Twenties.
“I really was a curious mix, with these curly hair and light black skin. Yet, I felt that all those layers I had inside could become my strength. I’ve always thought that who we are empowers us”. Thanks to his many ancestries, among which the Italian endurance has definitely had a key role, Giancarlo succeeded in giving his characters so much depth they are really alive. We bet no one would ever ask him now “What are you?”.


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