Never underestimate an underdog. From the Italian province, with historically high rates of migration, Rizzetta starts his giving back to his Italian heritage. Matt is the young president and CEO of North 6th Agency, a successful brand communications and social media agency based in New York and Toronto. But he has never forgotten his roots, and now time has come for him to give back to his ancestors’ land.
Matt Rizzetta has acquired quotes both of S.S. Città di Campobasso, the soccer team that has emerged from the lowest series to the Pro soccer rankings of  Serie C, and of Ascoli Calcio. “For the moment we’re just the underdogs, but in the long term we want to become competitive and to make the Serie A”. To Matt, investing into Italian soccer is much more than an entrepreneurial challenge: it’s a loving tribute to his heritage, to his grandfather who taught him to love football, and a way to help the economy of this part of Italy. “If I’ve achieved my goals in life, it’s thanks to my Italian roots. Now it’s my turn to give back”.


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