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A virtual country
of 90 milion

Italians care about the details. Americans know how to dream big, because they can see the big picture. And Italian Americans? The simply mix the best from them both. Franky in New York is a digital project that unites – more than ever – Italians and Italian Americans, in a daily stream of news, stories, exchange of ideas and opportunities to inspire a New Renaissance.
It’s the door to a country with a population of 90 million people. The first Digital Nation ever.



Sow a Thought, reap an action

Human connections are the only things that matter. Italians and Italian Americans have much more in common than a last name or some ancestors. They share one of the most beautiful languages of the world, and memories of a country and a culture that have no equal anywhere else.
Words, beauty, food, friendship. These are the Four Human Elements we work on to put together USA and Italy in a new way, far from the traditional narrative.





Italian is the fourth language in the world to be studied. Yet, Italian among Italian Americans is dropping deep: in the last years half of the Italian Americans have quit speaking Italian. Shall we surrender? You bet not. Franky in New York is here also to spread the beauty of the Italian words, one word at a time. That’s why we promote the beauty of the Italian language not running classes but friendly conversations around a pizza, a caffè or any other Italian food, sharing unknown stories, facts, news, talking about past and future.
Also in times of social distancing, we keep in touch with our friends: email us at franky@frankyinnewyork.com and reserve your virtual Italian conversation!



Have you got a story to tell? A passion to celebrate? A tribute to pay? Tell us, and we can make a book out of your ideas! Do like Charlie, who has been collecting Sicilian proverbs all his life and now has a book of them…